Stem Life ®: A Natural Formulation for Stem Cell Support

stemStem Life ® is a proprietary nutritional supplement containing natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to increase the numbers of circulating stem cells in the body.  As the body’s regenerative cells, stem cells have the potential to multiply as well as to develop into other cell types.  After their production in the bone marrow, stem cells are mobilized into the bloodstream and are dispersed throughout the body to heal damaged tissues.  Nutritional support for the body’s natural population of stem cells could improve overall health by providing nourishment for the vital organs and maintaining a healthy circulating system.

Stem Cells: The Body’s Repair System

  • Promote the growth of new, healthy cells
  • Produce anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating factors
  • Promote repair and re-growth of damaged blood vessels

Health benefits of Ingredients in Stem Life ®:

  • Increase energy levels and endurance.
  • Improve tissue repair caused by inflammation and injury.
  • Antioxidant activity to counteract physical stress and prevent tissue damage following exercise.
  • Improve health of the cardiovascular system.

Scientific Basis For Ingredient In Stem Life ®:

Stem Life ® contains a mixture of herbal ingredients and vitamins that have been proven in peer-reviewed scientific publications to support stem cell functions for rejuvenating the cardiovascular system and promoting healing of damaged tissues.


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