a)     US Patent Application # 20090311223 (patent approval received November, 2012) entitled “Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction by Stem Cell Therapy”. It is estimated the over 30 million men in the United States suffer from erectile dysfunction which is a manifestation of abnormally functioning blood vessels.  While previous studies have demonstrated that stem cells can enhance blood vessel function, this patent application was the first to demonstrate that administration of stem cells can lead to enhanced erections.  Manifestations of this patent have already been clinically used.  In one specific example, FDA approved bone marrow extraction devices are used to concentrate bone marrow and inject stem cells into the penile bodies.  This procedure has been demonstrated safe and feasible in small patient studies.

b)    US Patent Application # 20080260703 entitled “Treatment of Insulin Resistance and Diabetes”  This patent application covers the use of various adult stem cells for treatment of diabetes, with specific emphasis on increasing sensitivity of the body to insulin.  Aspects of this invention have been clinically applied outside of the USA. Specific applications of the invention include the use of bone marrow cells, using FDA approved devices, for reducing insulin requirements in diabetic patients, as well as preventing onset of secondary complications of diabetes.

c)     US Patent Application # 20080260704 entitled “Combination Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease”.  This patent application covers the enhancement of stem cell therapy using intravenous antioxidants.  Currently intravenous antioxidants are using by complementary and alternative medicine practitioners in patients with a variety of conditions.  Peer reviewed publications by independent groups have demonstrated enhancement of stem cell activity using antioxidants claimed in the invention.

d)    US Patent Application # 20100008992 entitled “Treatment of Disc Degenerative Disease and Compositions for Same”. Disc degenerative disease represents a multibillion dollar market.  The patent application covers the use of stem cells for increasing the rate of disc repair through stimulation of blood flow.

e)     US Patent Application # 61/535,752 entitled “Quantification of Circulating Stem and Progenitor Cells as a Means of Assessing Efficacy of Naturopathic Interventions.”  One of the major issues of many naturopathic interventions is that there is no way of quantifying efficacy.  This patent application is based on years of clinical experiences demonstrating many natural therapeutics actually increase numbers of circulating stem cells before clinical effects are manifested.  One practical application of this intellectual property is the testing of patients before and after nutraceutical intervention in order to guide administration doses and to provide feedback on their health status.



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