The Company is developing a variety of dietary supplement products, to address the most common health needs of mature/older Americans. The Company’s supplement products were developed by its scientists and physicians based on safety and efficacy considerations. The Company intends to market its Bionutraceutical® products on the basis of science, and collaboration with and testing by internationally recognized scientists, physicians and related institutions. The Company intends to conduct additional research to develop sufficient substantiation for the label and marketing claims of each of its products. The following table identifies the major dietary supplement products and the status of each:

  • Cardio Life  – Maintains heart heath – Analyzing results of Clinical trial
  • Gluco Life – Supports healthy glucose levels and glucose management – Initiating Clinical trial
  • Chol Life – Maintains good cholesterol for persons already in the healthy range – Initiating Clinical trial
  • Stem Life – Increases energy levels – Clinical trial planned in mid to late 2015
  • Natural Rest – Enhances sleep – Initiating distribution
  • Tranquil Life – Reduces stress and mild anxiety – Initiating distribution

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