CREATIVE MEDICAL HEALTH, INC. (CMH) is a biotechnology holding company focused on regenerative medicine.

CMH takes a unique “science first” approach to formulate and develop clinically proven all natural Bionutraceutical® products, the safety and efficacy of which shall be validated through clinical trials.

Our portfolio of stem cell treatments including our patented Caver Stem ® procedure for the treatment of erectile dysfunction with the use of the patients own stem cells, treatment of Type 2 diabetes, Degenerative Disc Disease, Cardio Vascular Disease and Autoimmune Diseases all utilize cutting edge stem cell technology, developed by leaders in the fields of Science and Medicine.

The combined markets represent annual sales of approximately $30 billion in the United States and $250 billion worldwide.

With a management team with decades of experience in medicine, science and business, CMH has developed a business model intended to provide cash flow to the company and it’s subsidiaries so that ongoing operations may be funded from revenues derived from the sale of our clinically validated bionutraceutical ® products, outpatient treatments, devices and services.

This approach is intended to create cash flow to fund operating and research activities without continual dilution of equity, thus providing an optimal return on investment to our shareholders.

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Pharmaceuticals: Lengthy and expensive FDA approval process, Billion Dollar investment per drug, 1% approval rate, Shortened patent life

Bionutraceutical® Products: Scientifically based, all natural, clinical trials validating safety and efficacy, Published in peer reviewed journals, reduced R&D and trial costs; quicker to market, Overall credibility

Nutraceuticals: Limited data on safety and efficacy, crowded market space, exposure on increased FDA involvement and regulation

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